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August 27th, 2010

06:36 pm
Okay, just gonna take time right now to talk about players to watch this season. But not the boring stuff, just gonna talk about my favs.:)

Players were I'm gonna miss:(

1. Tim Tebow.
*Well, DUH!;) Tebow was in every way a class act, and was never ashamed to share his Faith. Fellow brother in Christ, and I love him to death.:)

Fav quote: "....its just a game"

2. Cory Reamer
*Y'all are probably thinking by now "WHO?"! He actually plays, or at least used to play for the Crimson Tide. A bit on the shy side, but you'll never meet a sweeter person. He's the kinda person who will come up and talk to you like you're the most important person in the world. Who else greets the reporters "Nice to see y'all again" ??????????

Fav Quote: "But thank goodness......., no thank GOD I chose the UA"

People to watch!

Favorite QB, and perhaps favorite player in all College Football, Greg McElroy. I'm hoping that Bama will repeat only for the reason that  I don't want "Mac" to ever lose a game! He's sweet, humble, and he loves his God.

Fav Quote: "Humility is recognizing that without God or the people around you, you'd be nowhere"

Also, A.j. McCarron, the backup QB, is a sweetheart. Hope he gets some playing time!!

Others: John Brantley, Nick Reveiz, Mark Ingram, Jeremy Shelley, Luke Stocker, Barret Jones, and soooooo many more I can't think at the moment!;)


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January 13th, 2010

02:47 pm
My dear friend sent me this after the SEC Championship;

^^Way too funny

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02:13 pm - Say hello to the new favorite QB

No. Its not Tim Tebow.  Guess again, because its not Colt McCoy.:( This kid doesn't have Hollywood Handsome looks, nor does he own a record equal to Colt McCoy or Tim Tebow.

However, there is something that this guy has proved that he *does* have,.....character.

Meet Greg McElroy. The starting QB for the UA. When this new guy arrived this season no one really thought anything of him. Some people that I had talked to, believed that if Alabama *didn't* make it to the BCS National Championship, it would be Greg's fault. They were hoping to get there in spite of him, not because of him.

Greg knew this.

And to Avid Bama readers you know what happened next: ;) When someone strikes you, what's your very first reaction? You strike back;

"...Is it frustrating to me that people did lose faith in me? Yeah, it really ticks me off. But I never lost faith in myself, I never lost faith in my teammates, and I never lost faith in what we're able to do offensively, and it really made me feel good to go out and silence everybody tonight and obviously get a big victory."

Though I was not as offended as most of the Media was. I was just a little taken aback. Why? Because while I am sure Greg never meant to be hurtful or rude, he's usually the kind of guy who always "thinks before he speaks". And I was expecting a lot more from him and even began to think "maybe he isn't the humble, mature guy I thought he was." However! It takes a humble man to admit his mistakes:

"You guys do a great job in what you do. You guys report exactly what's supposed to be reported. I never meant it to be a slam toward anybody, especially you guys, and if you guys took it that way, I apologize. I was wrong. And I can only pray that God will give me the grace to keep my mouth shut."

(I don't think I would like him as much if he kept his mouth shut...:P)

It takes a mature guy to admit his immaturity:

(After throwing interception at LSU game)

“I was so mad at myself after that. I was throwing wa­ter bottles. Kicking stools. Acting like a child.”

(^^Though I think he lost some of his fans when he admitted that one! LOL! jk! I love when they admit their mistakes.)

Read on:
"Clear as a bell it hit me. 1 Corinthians 13:11! If I wanted people to like me, if I wanted to be a good QB, then I should act like a man and put away my childish ways."

This season has been amazing, he has matured as a QB, and as a person. I think now he truly realizes that you can't play like Tim Tebow every time you get on that field, you just have to try to use the gifts that God gave you.

Greg McElroy for Heisman!!!!!(next season;)

He really derserves to wear number 12.

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